The Major Benefits To Taking Dance Lessons in Vancouver

Dancing is a great way to move the body without realizing that you are exercising. Learning to move and get carried away by music provides a sense of well-being for the mind, body and spirit of people. Therefore, dance must become a habit and is a very worthwhile endeavor.

Spend a few hours a week on this healthy exercise and you will surely notice how, following the rhythm, the concentration is complete.  You will enter so much in this activity, that the body will experience a pleasant sensation: your energy will flow easily, you will feel very relaxed and be full of vitality.

You can go to a dance school or in the local Vancouver community centers or sports club, they teach aerobics classes which are combined with dance to become what they call aerodance.

Vancouver is a rainy city with only about a third of the year reserved for sunny days.  Dance is great in Vancouver because there is a large supportive community of dancers and studios all over the city.  Dance happens all the time all over the city, rain or shine, all year round.

Recommendations before taking dance or aerodance classes

It is necessary to give yourself time and be very willing.
Be constant in your sessions, try to take them more often and according to your possibilities. The smaller the time between each class, the easier it will be to remember the movements when you return to the next lesson.
It is better to learn and practice different dance rhythms.  This will make you more flexible in your learning skills and will allow you to finish and learn faster. Also when you go out dancing, you will have more fun if you can do it in different styles of music.
For dance classes for couples, it is important to change from time to time.  This will help you develop your command and rhythm.
It is crucial to wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for the dance or aerodance session.
It’s also important to have a towel and, if necessary, a change of clothes
Do not forget to hydrate yourself constantly.

Physical Benefits of Dancing

Physically, the dance contributes to the improvement of the physical state in the following ways:

  • You move your muscles and joints.
  • There is greater elasticity of tendons and muscles.
  • It increases muscle strength and bones, which causes greater movement capacity and at the same time decreases the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Improve reflexes.
  • Better circulation, when moving and lifting the legs.
  • Breathing is deeper and helps strengthen the lungs.
  • Consists of lowering blood pressure.
  • It contributes to better posture and body alignment.
  • Activity that greatly improves expression, coordination and flexibility.
  • Helps you to fall asleep more easily.
  • Reduces cholesterol and eliminates toxic substances from the body.
  • It helps to burn calories while keeping the body at an appropriate weight. Several studies indicate that with an hour of moderate dancing you can burn up to 260 calories while dancing fast with 365 calories.
  • Whoever dances continuously, becomes a more attractive person, because it is an exercise that is giving aesthetic shape to the body.

Internationally accomplished ballroom and latin dancer Sarah Bohdanova says “Besides the physical advantages, dancing helps to strengthen the relationships, build personal confidence, and provides a place to add more fun to your life while meeting great people.”  Sarah Bohdanova operates a dance school in Vancouver BC called Victory Dance Club with her husband Vlad Bohdanov, where they offer Latin and Ballroom dance classes to students of all ages and skill levels.  Together, they have over 35 years of combined experience in the dance industry.  They offer complimentary first lessons.  Simply contact them to sign up.

Victory Dance Club
1050 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1E6, (778) 318-0516.
Victory Dance Club on Facebook

Dancing for the Elderly

Increasingly, scientific evidence links an adequate lifestyle with an improvement in the quality of life. Therefore, physical activity programs are a good recipe that must be incorporated into the daily tasks of any person, but especially in the elderly population.

An hour of dancing is enough for older adults to be transported back to the memory of their flowering years, those times of parties where the occasion was the best excuse to release all energy from the body through dance.

Older adults are willing to attend dance classes because they are aware that at their age, dancing would bring them great benefits.


In addition, the dance expert says that the class for adults should be a special session in which in addition to dancing, should be accustomed to do basic exercises in which they do simple push-ups, without them having to hurt or make a lot of effort. In adulthood, adults generally tend to be alone, so dancing becomes a special moment for them, a space to share with other people and to feel motivated, undoubtedly, an exercise that creates in them an attitude Positive attitude that elevates their self-esteem.

The incorporation of multidimensional activities in the lives of the elderly has contributed to improvements in physiological, emotional and psychological capacities, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).


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